Sigrid Jones


I currently work at the Institute of Educational Sciences (Institut für Bildungswissenschaft), University of Vienna as a Research Fellow. Since October 2008 I am working on a three year research project on media education and multimodality in primary schools: MiVA (English)

This year I will be presenting some of my research into teaching media literacy/multimodal literacy in primary schools, based on results from the MIVA Project on the following international conferences:

„Key Concepts revisited: Teaching Teachers about Media Literacy“ as part of the Symposiums: Teaching Media Literacy in Primary Schools at UKLA International Conference 1010 „The Changing Face of Literacy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,“ Winchester, 9.-11. July 2010
Abstract: Teaching Media Literacy in Primary Schools

“Teaching media literacy with magazines and comics: a case study from Austrian primary schools“ 32. International IBBY Congress, Santiago de Compostela. 8.-12. September,
Abstract: Teaching Media Literacy with Magazines and Comics

I will also be presenting at some national conferences and seminars, for example at the Bundestagung zur ganzheitlich-kreativen Lernkultur an der Sekundarstufe 1: BMUKK und in Zusammenarbeit mit der Pädagogischen Hochschule Wien, 27.-28.09.2010. Looking forward to it all.

Current Research:

  • Playing with Flickr. Photosharing and other Digital Practices
  • Sparkling Science: Computer Games, Media Education and Learning through Inquiry (Computerspiele Medienbildung und forschendes Lernen)
  • MIVA Media Literacy at the Primary Age (Medienbildung im Volksschulalter)


  • MA for Media, Culture and Communication (with distinction), Institute of Education, University of London.
  • Mag.phil. in German Language and Literature, Philosophy and History of Art. University of Vienna
  • Teaching Qualification for Primary Schools (Lehramtsprüfung für Volksschule) Pädagogische Akademie, Ettenreichgasse, Vienna


  • Theory and Practice of Teaching and Learning – Media Education in the Classroom, University of Vienna
  • Cultural Studies & Media Literacy, Danube University Krems
  • Media Literacy and Digital Game Based Learning, Danube University Krems
  • Video and Media production at Webster University, Vienna
  • German at the Department of German, University College of London

Other Work:

I have worked in the field of culture and arts in jobs as varied as as exhibition curator, gallery assistant, assistant director, translator, public relations officer and project manager for web projects.


Jones, Sigrid (2010) Lesen, Schreiben und Medienbildung. In: Medienpuzzle. Wien: Buchkultur Verlagsges.m.b.H Download: Medienpuzzle

Jones, Sigrid (2008): Medienpädagogik in Österreich im internationalen Vergleich: Strategien für die Zukunft. In: Edith Blaschitz, Martin Seibt (Hrsg.): Medienbildung in Österreich. Historische und aktuelle Entwicklungen, theoretische Positionen, Praxis. Münster, Wien: LIT-Verlag. JONES_Medienpädagogik_Österreich_2008

Jones, Sigrid (2008): Medien bilden – Computerspiele in Freizeit und Schule. In: Mitgutsch (Hrsg.) Computerspiele in Forschung und Praxis. Wien: Braumüller  JONES2008Medien_bilden_Faszination_Computerspiele


United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) Student Research Award 2008 for MA dissertation:„Superheroes and Children’s Culture“ JONES Superheroes and Children

Conference Presentations:

„Books are media too“ („Bücher sind auch nur Medien. Vorschläge für die Medienbildung in der Schule.“) Presentation at „Non-Books in der Schulbibliothek“ Schulartenübergreifendes Bundesseminar für Schulbibliothekarinnen und Schulbibliothekare. Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung, Strobl. 22.–24. März 2010  Download presentation and link to podcast

„Media anxieties, moral panics and Media Literacy“ („Medienängste, Lehrerängste und Media Literacy“) to be presented at „Literacy – Lesen in einer digitalisierten Welt Conference, Bundeskoordinationsstelle Literacy, BMUKK, 30. November -3. December 2009

“Media Literacy & Learning Progression in Austrian Primary Schools: Project Overview and first results of the MiVA project”, presented at EUROMEDIC, European Congress on Media Literacy, Bellaria, Italy, 21. -24. October 2009

„Children’s Media Culture between Home and School“  presented at ECER 2009 „Theory and Evidence in European Educational Research“ as part of the Symposium „Developing Media Literacy“
28.- 30. September, 2009 Abstract and Link to Project Blog: MiVA (English)

„Playing with Flickr: Breaking the Magic Circle“ presented at Future and Reality of Games (FROG) Conference 2009 „Exploring the Edge of Gaming“ Vienna, Austria, 25. – 27. September, 2009

„Wii are family: Gaming Families and Video Gamers on Flickr“ presented at Transforming Audiences 2/2009 „Creativity – Knowledge – Participation“ at the University of Westminster, London, September 3rd – 4th, 2009

„Play, ritual and digital game-playing on Flickr“ presented as part of the Symposium „Shared Experiences: Participation, Play and Collaboration on Flickr“ at UKLA’s 45th International Conference „Making Connections: Building literate communities in and beyond the classroom“ University of Greenwich, London, 10th – 12th July, 2009

„Playing with Flickr“ as part of the panel: „The role of photos in current netculture“ International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) „Internet Resea rch 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place.“ Copenhagen, 15.-18.10.2008. JONES Playing with FLICKR AOIR 2008

„Wasp Men, Cat Women and Pet Dragons: Superheroes and the Construction of Self“ presented at UKLA 44th International Conference Liverpool Hope University 10th -13th July, 2008

„Hero’s Journey or Gambling Game: Learning about Life“ presented at Multimodality and Learning Conference, IoE, London 19th -20th June 2008

„Playing with Flickr. Casual and Pervasive Games and Creative Play“ at „Breaking the Magic Circle“ Games Studies Seminar, Tampere, Finnland 8th -11th April 2008  JONES2008PlayingwithFlickrTAMPERE

„Medien bilden – Computerspiele in Freizeit und Schule.“ Paper presented at „Future and Reality of Computer Games“. Computerspiele in Forschung und Praxis. Veranstalter: BuPP, bmgfj. Wien: 21.-23. 9. 2007

„Medienpädagogik in Österreich im internationalen Vergleich: Strategien für die Zukunft.“ Paper presented at „Be Aware of the Media“, Medien zwischen Bildungsanspruch, Empowerment und Kritik. Tagung zur Geschichte, Status Quo und Perspektiven der Medienpädagogik in Österreich. Veranstalter: Department für Interaktive Medien und Bildungstechnologien in Kooperation mit der Aktion Film Salzburg. Krems: 03./04.11.2006


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